Shared Reading with the Power of Notebooks

Each Monday, my third graders participate in a traditional Shared Reading.  I project our weekly vocabulary story on the InterWrite board (pulled from McMillan Mcgraw-Hill Treasures), and together, we read aloud in unison as we practice fluency and expression.  We pause at strategic points to discuss our weekly comprehension focus, vocabulary in context, genre, predictions, and connections, but our whole group instruction doesn’t stop there.
My students then take out their Shared Reading Notebooks and glue a reproducible copy of the Shared Reading selection inside.  They return to the carpet with their notebooks and highlighters in hand, ready to highlight text evidence to support our comprehension, as well as an additional weekly “target skill.” I continue to model on the InterWrite Board by highlighting along with them.
Why highlight, you might ask?  Because it encourages student to support comprehension with DIRECT EVIDENCE within the text.  Additionally, it allows me to teach virtually any skill…grammar, phonics, vocabulary…all within the context of an AUTHENTIC piece instead of in isolation
Here is an example of a selection called “Tina’s Try-Out Day,” in which characters and setting are highlighted in yellow and our extra “target skill,” compound words, is highlighted in blue.
Below is a poem called “Antarctic Anthem,” in which students highlighted two literary elements: rhythmic patterns and imagery.
When highlighting is complete, students complete an independent vocabulary extension to practice reference skills.  Students complete one of two options:
1     Vocabulary Dominoes (found at the link below)
2     Vocabulary “Code” using a glossary or dictionary
To purchase my “Vocabulary Center Options” on TpT, which includes the above code along with two other practice options, click below:


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