Top 5 Reasons Why Teachers NEED Summer Break

Ahhhh….It’s summer!! Glorious glorious summer.  One of my most favorite times of the year for so many reasons! Here are my Top 5 reasons why we should savor every moment:

5) Get it Together, Girl!

Oh, sweet organization.  It feels SO good. Your home, your classroom, your car, your LIFE! Why is it that from August to May, getting your life in order definitely goes by the wayside?  Granted, I am nesting at the moment with a baby due in three weeks, so I’m in definite overdrive compared to past summers. (My husband LOVES coming home every day to see what I’ve tackled that day. Here’s my pantry that I did last week!)

There’s nothing like starting a school year with nice, neat cabinets, filed papers, purged junk, and actually knowing where EVERY supply is in your classroom. And now is the time to do it! Embrace it and celebrate when you can step back, gaze at your straightened, beautiful, color-coded shelves and sigh in satisfaction.  This is my classroom last year, after a complete organization overhaul…

4) Relight That Fire

April and May very often serve as a yearly death sentence for the motivated teacher. Something about state testing (and more state testing), end of year reporting and assessments, and attempting to keep 23 little bodies and minds engaged and in control is enough to make us develop facial ticks.  I usually need two cups of coffee per day to survive the end of the year madness.
BUT after we’ve (almost) completely checked out of school mode during June, something magical happens around the Fourth of July to rekindle our flame for the love of teaching.  Maybe it’s the shiny new school supply aisles that start popping up in stores.  Maybe it’s the darling catalogs from Lakeshore Learning Store and Carson Dellosa that trigger an immediate classroom décor daydream. (Don’t lie…Something truly ignites inside you when you find the “perfect” new classroom theme.)  And maybe it’s the anticipation of a new, bright-eyed group of students that we will meet soon. Regardless, middle to late summer is our time to remember WHY we love what we do and mentally reengage for a fresh new start to our year.

3) Get Motivated!

There’s nothing that motivates me more in my classroom that trying something NEW, and the middle of fall ain’t the time to try it! Use your time now to attend a workshop for something you’re actually interested in, read a professional book, and seek out fresh resources.  It’s YOUR time, so use it to your advantage and feed your passion.  After having grad school classes fill up my past two summers, I’m thrilled to now be able to have more choices for professional development. This summer, I’m researching and reading up on STEM and STEAM strategies to implement with my class in the fall.

2) Take Care of Yourself

What?! You mean that I can take as long as I want to eat lunch?  And I can eat it at an actual restaurant with my teacher friends?? Not to mention use the bathroom whenever I please?  Now that’s my idea of heaven!  But don’t just savor the small things.  Stay up late and sleep in as much as possible. Watch Every. Single. Episode of Big Brother.  Splurge on that pedicure.  Buy that darling maxi dress at the mall that’s not on sale.  Lay by the pool and get a TAN, for goodness sakes! And enjoy some adult beverages while you’re at it. (In fact, have two for me!)
Summer is your time to INDULGE and relax because Lord knows that once you’ve switched into school mode (or “in the zone” as my husband calls it), you may not even have time to tweeze your eyebrows.  Use this time to rejoin society, not to mention make yourself feel beautiful and HUMAN again.

1) Love on Your Loved Ones

Last night, I lay in bed with my three year old daughter, Ellie, and we “pillow-talked” for almost thirty minutes.  Granted, it was past 9:00, but we told silly stories, tickled backs, sang songs, prayed extra long, giggled, and giggled more, because there was NO impending doom of the 5:30am wakeup call this morning.
Summer is the time to feel like an exceptional wife and mother, give your family your undivided attention, and make the small moments even more special.  Wife gets to be just a wife and Mom gets to be just a mom.  And as my dear friend Kambra, wisely shared with me today, “There are no children more important in the world than your own.”  Take this time to cook dinners for your family, have picnic lunches, jump in rain puddles, and for once, have no dirty dishes in the sink.  You’ll love yourself more for it and your family will cherish each moment with you.

I hope everyone is having a terrific and blessed summer! 🙂


  1. Great words of wisdom!

  2. Great words of wisdom!

  3. Love you friend. You are such a beautiful person! And… YAYYYYYY for summer and recharged teaching batteries!!

  4. Love you friend. You are such a beautiful person! And… YAYYYYYY for summer and recharged teaching batteries!!