Words for Ellie

So it recently hit me as I was walking the halls of my wonderful school, holding my daughter, Ellie’s, hand as she happily hopped on the colored tiles, that next fall, she will be in PRE K at my school! How is this possible already?! My tiny baby, who I can so vividly remember turning pages of books as soon as she could sit up, soon to turn 4 years old in February, will officially be in elementary school in less than a year! My mommy heart simultaneously broke with a sadness that she’s growing up, and exploded with the excitement of what’s to come.






I also had lunch at the home of my dear friend, Julie, on Friday, who is currently homeschooling her sweet 5 year old, Kate.  My wheels REALLY started turning as she showed me their picturesque “classroom” area and all the wonderful resources they’d created together.  All of a sudden, I realized that my baby girl, who’d learned to recognize all capital letters by 18 months, memorized and recited the entire “Chicka Chicka ABC” book by age 2, and now knows all the sounds and lowercase letters as well, (Sorry…a bit proud, as you can see!) is actually ready to begin READING! I asked Julie where I should begin, and she suggested that she learn to read the names of her family members, followed by beginning sight words and simple word families. 




Thus, my latest product, (which also happens to by my ONE HUNDREDTH product to post!) “Words for Ellie,” was born!  I created a simple set of sight word flash cards for the Dolch Pre Primer list, as well as editable word cards for family members and mini posters for basic CVC word families.  The cards are ideal for the refrigerator if you place sticky magnets on the back, and they also fit perfectly in pocket charts.  We are storing our cards in a plastic school box. 




She loves to color in her sight word cards as we learn them, and I place a sticker in the corner of the ones she’s mastered.




This product is available as a FREE download at the link below and is most appropriate for 3-5 year olds.
I’m so excited to continue fostering a love of literacy in my daughter and I’m looking forward to sharing our journey with you!