Word Work on the GO!

Ellie started a phenomenal “art camp” this week!   She goes twice a week and does everything from canvas painting, to tie dye, to science experiments, and yesterday, the teacher sent home a special “calendar” that outlines either something we’re supposed to bring each day or wear.  There were also assigned snack days and a special Donuts with Dad event.  
All these little things to do, remember, buy, and put together on our itemized calendar REALLY gave me a small taste of the world we are fixing to enter when Ellie enters Pre K in the fall.  As I lay awake last night, I thought about how “big kid” school means LOTS of big kid responsibilities, and the more organized and convenient we can make it, the better!
Which brings me to sight words and spelling words.  As a teacher and momma, I know that an important key to reading AND spelling is repetition, although it can be very boring and time-consuming.  I’ve watched mommas at gymnastics drill their kids in the waiting rooms with spelling lists, only to hear groans of annoyance from the kids.  Not only that, but time in the evenings is PRECIOUS and forming family relationships and bonds is critical.
This is how and why I came up with my brand new freebie, EDITABLE Spelling and Sight Word Watches!  I thought to myself, what if teachers could type in their own word lists and send them home in a memorable way?  Students can wear and practice their words on the go…in the car, in waiting rooms, or at brother’s soccer games.  It’s convenient, fun, and quite literally, “at their fingertips!” 

 Teachers can also choose to use the watches during the school day, printing on cardstock and/or laminating for durability, then using Velcro dots to fasten.
I plan to type or write Ellie’s sight words for us to practice together during our free moments.
(Side note: She’s also OBSESSED at the moment with any type of jewelry or anything she can take along with her, so bonus points for “accessorizing!”)
I hope you love this freebie and find it useful! If so, please take the time to leave kind feedback.
Want MORE EDITABLE Word Work Templates?  Click the link below!


  1. Genius!!

  2. Thank you, Kellye! I'm so glad you like them! 🙂