Bittersweet Beginnings

Her precious pink and navy backpack is embroidered with her name.  Back to School wardrobe and shoes are hung and ready in her closet. School supplies are purchased.  Lunch packing list is made.
Next week, my precious Ellie Kate begins her very first day of Pre K at the school where I teach.
She’ll skip down the hallway with her too-big backpack, meet and love her teacher, probably talk too loud and too much, make sweet new friends, and spend her afternoons doing what she loves most…LEARNING!
Oh, if I had one wish, it might be that she stay four forever.
I’ll apologize in advance for the two million pictures of her coming up over the next week.  I just can’t help myself.
I created this poster print for the finishing touch in my classroom and also printed one for Ellie’s  bedroom.  I plan to frame it and hang near my teacher desk.  If you haven’t seen the new Cinderella movie, this quote is frequently repeated. (And stop what you are doing and WATCH IT immediately!)
So simple, yet so moving, and such perfect advice for our little ones.


I created these First Day of School Chalkboard Prints for you to use with your whole class or own children.  They are editable and include both boy/neutral and girl versions. Simply type in your child’s name or the word “My” if using for your whole class, the grade level, and the teacher’s name.




Here’s to a fabulous first week of school!  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hi Brooke! Love your post!! Your creations are always so useful and cute as can be! Thank you so much for sharing! Would you consider doing a scope about making an editable pdf? I am also 1/3 of the 3Word Nerds – Turning Around Dyslexia is my first 'baby' -blog and TpT I started a couple of years ago before joining up with 3Word Nerds this year 🙂 We love your scopes and have learned so much about PP that has helped us with our products!! Thank you, again! ~sherri

  2. Hi Sherri! Yes, absolutely!! I'd be happy to do a tutorial! I love 3Word Nerds and think it's so neat that you guys joined together! Thank you so much for following my scopes and I so appreciate your kind words! 🙂