Science, Literacy, and Magic

I am so excited to share an all new chapter book series that you and your kiddos will LOVE! The “Zoey and Sassafras” series, written by Asia Citro and illustrated by Marion Lindsay, blends science with lovable characters, peaking curiosities of young readers with just the right amount of make-believe.  These books are ideal for independent reading for second and third grade, and perfect for teacher read alouds in Kindergarten and up.


Zoey and her curious cat, Sassafras, have a passion for all things science, which she endearingly gets from her mother.  Zoey is always putting on her “Thinking Goggles,” reading about her mother’s scientific discoveries, and recording experiments in her science journal.   In Book 1, “Dragons and Marshmallows,” Zoey discovers an exciting and fascinating secret…Her mother cares for injured magical animals in the barn in their backyard! When her mother leaves to go out of town, Zoey is left in charge of the barn, and must care for a sick baby dragon named Marshmallow.  Through a series of carefully planned scientific tests, Zoey discovers more about Marshmallow and how to care for him until her mother returns.

The scientific method is naturally woven into the story as Zoey records her observations and findings in her science journal.  Young readers learn about the important of making logical hypotheses and testing only one variable (i.e. dragon food) at a time.  Zoey articulates her thinking in kid-friendly language as she carries out each test and analyzes results.

Young readers also are immersed in scientific vocabulary as Zoey studies and learns about the magical animals.

This book series is sure to be loved by young readers, and would make a wonderful addition to any classroom. I’m looking forward to sharing more books in the series with my students! Book 2 is called “Monsters and Mold” and Book 3 is called Merhorses and Bubbles.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

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