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Grade Levels

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd

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Products Included In This Bundle

Back to School Coding - DIGITAL + PRINTABLE

Trick or Treat Coding - DIGITAL + PRINTABLE

Thanksgiving Coding - DIGITAL + PRINTABLE

Snowman Coding - DIGITAL + PRINTABLE

Cupid's Coding - DIGITAL + PRINTABLE

Lucky Charms Coding - DIGITAL + PRINTABLE

Rainy Day Coding - DIGITAL + PRINTABLE

Honeybee Coding - DIGITAL + PRINTABLE


This is an ALL YEAR BUNDLE for Unplugged Coding for 9 months of the school year for Kindergarten through Third Grade!

Try a FREE SAMPLE for December (Gingerbread Coding at the following link):



December (Gingerbread Coding)
January (Snowman Coding)
February (Cupid’s Coding)
March (Lucky Charms Coding)
April (Rainy Day Coding)
May (Honeybee Coding)
September (Back to School Coding)
October (Trick or Treat Coding)
November (Thanksgiving Coding)

These simple introductions to block-style coding are perfect for Kindergarten through third graders as they learn the basics of “unplugged” programming without computers. After completing activities such as these on paper, they can apply similar block coding strategies to coding websites and apps for kids such as code.org and Kodable, and eventually to more advanced languages of coding. To allow students to be most successful, please MODEL and clearly discuss directions for this activity before they complete it with partners.

Includes the following components for EACH MONTH:
Page 3: Coding Map
Pages 4-5: Map Pieces (COLORED)
Pages 6-7: Map Pieces (BLACK AND WHITE)
Page 8: Crack the Code! Recording Sheet
Page 9: Crack the Code! Chart to project or display
Page 10: Credits

Partner students. Each pair of students will need one Coding Mat (page 3), one set of Map Pieces (Colored on pages 4-5 OR Black and White on pages 6-7), and 2-4 copies of “Crack the Code!” (page 8). You may also choose to put copies of page 8 inside clear page protectors so that students can write and wipe codes with dry erase markers multiple times. Page 9 is optional and is provided for you to project or display coding symbols.
Have pairs of students cut out all the map pieces and color if desired.
Student 1 arranges the map pieces on the Coding Map, adding path pieces, obstacles, rewards, and enemies as instructed.
Student 2 then “codes” the path on page 8, using the provided symbols to draw the directions that he or she must travel.
Student 1 checks the code and coaches Student 2 as needed.
Map pieces are cleared and students trade places, with Student 2 creating the map and Student 1 writing the code.

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15 reviews for Unplugged Coding {All Year Bundle} – DIGITAL + PRINTABLE – Hour of Code

  1. Madeleine H.

    This was a fabulous purchase! I used the Honeybee lesson and put both the game board and code paper in sheet protectors, so they could last longer. The kids used dry-erase markers to write out their code, and this allowed them to use it over and over! Thank you! -Madeleine H.

  2. Victoria F.

    I absolutely love these! The kids find them fun and engaging. They always look forward to them—another great way to go over coding without using Technology. -Victoria F.

  3. La Teacher Bea

    It was an incredible purchase! I started with coding in the class some years ago but I was not able to have the bluebots every time I needed them so this resource was a great help to introduce coding without having physically the robot there. My students love it! -La Teacher Bea

  4. Julianne K.

    I used this for Friday clubs when introducing coding. I LOVE that it has a seesaw activity. My students really enjoyed the Halloween activity and I plan to do one each month with my clubs. -Julianne K.

  5. Kristina G.

    My students loved the Back to School coding map! They were so engaged and excited to create and use code to find their way! Thank you for this awesome coding unit! -Kristina G.

  6. Ashanti B.

    Such a great resource to use with my in-person students all year round. They thoroughly enjoyed using the activities. This resource kept the students learning and engaged. Thank you so much! -Ashanti B.

  7. nothy Lane

    I used this at first as a teacher-led activity. I was supposed to post the second one that night and time got away from me. I had 21 requests for it by the next morning, which means the kids were eagerly anticipating it! They loved this coding work and it really cut my anxiety about teaching coding. Great product! Thank you. -nothy Lane

  8. Antares M.

    These were loads of fun to use as an introduction to the basic ideas of coding, with themes for special holidays and occasions! -Antares M.

  9. DarlingDesigns

    Another amazing resource! I love that it includes both digital and printable versions. The unplugged activities are such a great introduction for the younger students to block coding, and really helpful at tying in the importance of sequence. -DarlingDesigns

  10. Jennifer Hotchkiss

    Fun. Easy to use. Students engaged. A great resource for teaching Coding in a fun and hands on way (instead of the computer). Easy to apply to a range of grade levels in the primary division. -Jennifer Hotchkiss

  11. Lacy S.

    Great resource. Love the different months. Older students are able to extend on it, while younger students are still able to create the coding! Lacy S.

  12. Angelina M.

    This was incredibly useful to introduce coding to my Grade 2/3 students while we were learning virtually. They loved the activities and it was easy to follow along. -Angelina M.

  13. Hannah O.

    THIS IS AMAZING!! So much learning and so many ways to make sure that the kids learn about coding without being tied to screens! -Hannah O.

  14. Ms Curley Media

    Have only used one so far, but wow was it amazing! Students LOVED putting it together and couldn’t wait to challenge classmates and families to see if they could code their way through the maze! Many students took it home over Thanksgiving break to challenge people! Can’t wait to use the others! -Ms Curley Media

  15. Stacy B.

    My students love these and beg for more. It is a huge hit in my classroom. I wish there were even more of them! They can’t wait for the next one! -Stacy B.

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