Bot Basics BUNDLE {Robotics for Beginners}

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Math, Computer Science – Technology, Robotics

Grade Levels
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd

24 MB

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Products Included In This Bundle

Bot Basics {Robotics for Beginners}

Bot Bowling {Robotics for Beginners}

Bot Basics: LANGUAGE ARTS Edition {Robotics for Beginners}

Bot Basics: MATH Edition {Robotics for Beginners}


Save 20% by purchasing the Bot Basics BUNDLE!

The Bot Basics Bundle includes ALL FOUR of my Robotics packs for beginners:

1) Bot Basics

2) Bot Basics: Language Arts Edition

3) Bot Basics: Math Edition

4) Bot Bowling

Compatible with the following robots:

-Sphero Spark

-Sphero Bolt

-Sphero Ollie

-Sphero Mini

-Ozobot Bit (OzoBlockly)

-Ozobot Evo (OzoBlockly or Evo app)



-Code and Go Mouse


Includes the following :

*10 Bot Basics Challenges

*10 Seasonal Maze Challenges

*14 Language Arts Challenges

*10 Math Challenges

*4 Bot Bowling Challenges


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