{How to Catch a Turkey} Digital + Printable Storybook STEM-Seesaw/Google Slides

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Grade Levels
K – 4th
English Language Arts, Science, Thanksgiving
(see Oklahoma equivalents)
Resource Type
Activities, Fun Stuff, Cooperative Learning
Formats Included
77 pages


These printable and digital interactive activities are perfect for K-4th Grade! Differentiated Google Slides, Seesaw, AND Printable versions for K-1st Grade and 2nd-4th Grade are ready to use in the classroom or click and share immediately with students or parents for use during distance learning at home!

Digital Storybook STEM allows students to complete interactive digital slides for both language arts and STEM that supplement the book. Slides include fillable charts and templates, along with links to relevant online videos and resources.

Created by Brooke Brown and Katie King, Storybook STEM provides elementary teachers with weekly all-in-one units to cover essential skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, math, science, and engineering.

How to Catch a Turkey by Adam Wallace

Includes the following:

*Comprehension Bookmark

*Sequencing Activities

*Bold Words Activities

*Point of View Activities

*Vocabulary Activities

*”The Great Turkey Escape” STEM Challenge (Pushes, Pulls, Friction,

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces)

*Includes Lesson Plan, vocabulary, teacher anchor chart, photo examples, QR
Code research, and student recording sheets

©Brooke Brown, LLC at Teach Outside the Box

©Katie King at Queen of the First Grade Jungle

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10 reviews for {How to Catch a Turkey} Digital + Printable Storybook STEM-Seesaw/Google Slides

  1. Megan S.

    I love Brooke’s STEM products! They are just so amazing! I love all of the cross-curriculum tie-ins and they are so engaging for the class! -Megan S.

  2. Kristen W.

    My students (3rd grade) loved using this with their Big buddies (6th grade) to create together during Thanksgiving. I love that this ties in a literacy aspect as well as STEM. Amazing resource! -Kristen W.

  3. Carli S.

    This was such a great resource! My students were engaged, communicating, and working collaboratively to build their mazes. They love the QR codes and getting to take ownership of their learning as they work their way through the videos and the STEAM project. It was so easy to implement and Brooke does such an amazing job compiling the resources and aligning them with NGSS standards. My principal was so impressed when she walked through and saw the students’ work! -Carli S.

  4. Christine Hemmah

    As always, Brooke makes great products! This is no different. Wonderful and engaging for my students before Thanksgiving break! Thanks! -Christine Hemmah

  5. Katie O.

    I just started using this resource with multiple grade levels. It is a fabulous STEAM lesson, but I really LOVE that there is room for differentiation. -Katie O.

  6. Purely Primary By Alma Alexander

    I have so many of these STEM resource and they literally never disappoint! Thank you for always coming up with fun and engaging projects for the kids, you make teacher life so much better! 🙂 -Purely Primary By Alma Alexander

  7. Robert D.

    This is a wonderful resource. My students loved this challenge. I loved the connection to literature. This is definitely a resource I will use year after year. -Robert D.

  8. Marie D.

    I was able to use different aspects of this lesson with fourth grade, and another part with Kindergarten. The kids LOVED it and were so engaged in the days before Thanksgiving break. Thank you so much! -Marie D.

  9. Joyce P.

    This was a great EDP/STEM project for distance learning. It was a breeze to teach because there were so many resources that are embedded in the lesson. My students and I had a great time going through the EDP and creating a maze through distance learning. -Joyce P.

  10. Andrea H.

    We used this project for our steam club and the results were amazing! Students were engaged and solving problems the entire time! -Andrea H.

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