Inventor Research

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Grade Levels
2nd – 4th
Social Studies – History, Gifted and Talented, Informational Text
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Research, Activities, GATE
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48 pages

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The following resources are intended to be used for students to research a variety of inventors. Materials can be used as a whole class or in a research center. QR Code Research Cards, Inventor Mini Book Pages, and Green Screen puppets are included for the following 26 inventors:

-Alexander Graham Bell

-Benjamin Franklin

-Stephanie Kwolek

-Ruth Graves Wakefield

-Eli Whitney

-George Washington Carver

-Thomas Edison

-Tim Berners-Lee

-Lonnie Johnson

-Dr. Patricia Bath

-Joy Mangano

-Josephine Cochrane

-Henry Ford

-Johannes Gutenberg

-Mary Van Brittan Brown

-Sarah E. Goode

-Samuel Morse

-Steve Jobs

-Marion Donovan

-Martha Coston

-Willem J. Kolff

-The Wright Brothers

-Mary Anderson

-Ruth Handler

-Elijah McCoy

-Lewis Latimer

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