Morning Meeting and Back to School BUNDLE! {9 Products in One!}

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Classroom Management, Character Education, Back to School

Grade Levels

PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

58 MB | 175 pages

Products Included In This Bundle

Morning Meeting Greetings

Morning Meeting Activities & Games

Share & Tell Cards for Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting: EDITABLE Message Templates for Every Month


This discounted bundle contains ALL NINE of my Morning Meeting and Back to School products!

Includes the following:
-Editable Planning Chart and display poster
-Morning Meeting Greeting Cards
-Morning Meeting Activities and Games
-Hopes and Dreams Pennant Banners
-Hopes and Dreams template
-“You Break It…You Fix It…” template
-“Looks Like/Sounds Like” chart and flipbook
-Morning Message PowerPoint Templates for Every Month
-Share and Tell prompt cards and Sharing Posters

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15 reviews for Morning Meeting and Back to School BUNDLE! {9 Products in One!}

  1. Melissa H.

    One of the best purchases. So many things to do! I do wish it continued to all 4 quarters, but I will just repeat favorites. These make excellent brain break activities too. Kids are asking to do these! -Melissa H.

  2. Dominique Carter

    A teacher at my school did a presentation on soft starts and included this resource as something she uses each day. I wanted it to help make my morning meeting activity choice easier. I love this. Some of the items are a bit young for my 5th graders, but I have been able to adapt. This is such a great resource that allows me to work smarter, not harder. -Dominique Carter

  3. Karen B.

    My students love these games for our morning meetings. The games are easy and fun to play for all learners. The directions are very clear to understand. -Karen B.

  4. KERRI S.

    This resource has saved me a great deal of time. Students enjoy the activities and games. It gives them a great start to their school day! Thank you! -KERRI S.

  5. Alexandra A.

    What a great resource, especially for new teachers! Its organized, creative, and has a good “flow” for each group each year for when you need a new idea or more for morning meeting! -Alexandra A.

  6. Quinn S.

    I have used these for the past 2 years!! I use them as a morning activity game but they also work so well for needed brain breaks. I love how different each of them are and how they all get the students moving. Each morning I have a students pick one of these games out and they get so excited when it is their turn. -Quinn S.

  7. Laugh Love Teach 2nd

    My students LOVED so many of the games and activities included in this pack! Amazing resource at your fingertips and a lot of the games require zero prep! -Laugh Love Teach 2nd

  8. Cindy W.

    I love these cards all of the activities. I used these all year and we certainly had our favorites. Dr Snooze was a hit! This resource is packed with great and engaging ideas that you will use all year. -Cindy W.

  9. Laura S.

    LOTS of great activities and games for morning meetings. I like to keep it interesting and this sure does help! Thank you! -Laura S.

  10. Laura Albers’ Second Grade Shop

    To have all the games/activities in one place is awesome! I printed this and bound this into a convenient book that I can quickly flip through to find a new game for morning meetings each day. Thanks for such a great resource. -Laura Albers’ Second Grade Shop

  11. Danielle Elizabeth

    This resource has so many amazing activities and games to use for morning meeting! It is so easy to get into a rut and this resource provides you with so many new activities to keep students engaged and enjoying our morning meetings. -Danielle Elizabeth

  12. Shala O.

    There was lots of activities to choose from. Everyone I have tried the kids have liked doing. thanks so much for all the ideas! -Shala O.

  13. Ashley L C.

    I love using these cards for circle time and morning meeting! I have them on a bound spine and laminated and they work perfectly for daily use! -Ashley L C.

  14. Jojuana M.

    Thank you for taking the struggle out of the Morning Meeting activity! Students love these. They have favorites and make requests every day. I am so glad for the ease of use and content that covers a whole school year. -Jojuana M.

  15. Jenna T.

    These are wonderful morning meeting activities. My kids love morning meeting and ask for several activities by name. I also love how easy they are to assemble/use. Thank you so much! -Jenna T.

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