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Grade Levels
1st – 3rd
English Language Arts, Spelling, Computer Science – Technology
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Activities, Fun Stuff, Literacy Center Ideas
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30 pages

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If your kids enjoy the original Hop Scotch Coding, they will LOVE this brand new edition with a spelling twist!

Spelling Hop Scotch Coding provides a simple, interactive introduction to block-style coding that is perfect for first through third graders as they learn the basics of programming. It’s also the perfect interactive literacy center or partner activity for students to practice weekly spelling words. After completing activities such as these, they can apply similar block coding strategies to coding websites and apps for kids and eventually to more advanced languages of coding. To allow students to be most successful, please MODEL and clearly discuss directions for this activity before they complete it with groups.

To prep Spelling Hop Scotch Coding, type your weekly spelling words directly into the template on Page 8. (If you’re planning to use this as a regular weekly center, these spelling cards will be the only component you will need to switch out.) Print, cut apart, and store in a baggie. Print, then copy one set of the following mats for EACH PAIR of students. You may choose to copy on a different colored paper for each group OR color code the pieces by the type of code similar to the photo shown on the following page.

Includes the following:

p. 3-4: Teacher Instructions

p. 5: Coding Apps and Websites Poster

p. 6: What is Coding? Poster

p. 7: Flow Control Structures Poster

p. 8: Editable Spelling Cards

p. 9: START mat

p. 10: STOP mat

p. 11: Sequencing Arrow mat

p. 12-14: Looping mats

p. 15-29: Spelling Activity (Conditions) mats

p. 30: Credits

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