St. Patrick’s Day Hop Scotch Coding®

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Grade Levels
K – 3rd
Computer Science – Technology, Gifted and Talented, St. Patrick’s Day
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Activities, Fun Stuff
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29 pages

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If your kids enjoy the original Hop Scotch Coding, they will LOVE this brand new edition with a St. Patrick’s Day twist!

St. Patrick’s Day Hop Scotch Coding provides a simple, interactive introduction to unplugged, block-style coding that is perfect for Kindergarten through third graders as they learn the basics of programming. After completing activities such as these, they can apply similar block coding strategies to coding websites and apps for kids and eventually to more advanced languages of coding.

In groups of 3-4, students will build a sequence of code on the floor together. Each student will then take turns walking through the sequence of code and following the instructions all the way from START to STOP. A sequencing arrow means to advance forward and a movement card signals a St. Patrick’s Day action that the student must do or pretend to do. A looping mat can be placed behind a movement mat for students to repeat the action a given number of times.

Includes the following:

p. 3-4: Teacher Instructions

p. 5: Coding Apps and Websites Poster

p. 6: What is Coding? Poster

p. 7: Flow Control Structures Poster

p. 8: START mat

p. 9: STOP mat

p. 10: Sequencing Arrow mat

p. 11-13: Looping mats

p. 14-28: 15 St. Patrick’s Day Movement (Conditions) mats

p. 29: Credits

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