STEM Bins® MEGA BUNDLE (Elementary STEM Activities)

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Math, Science, Engineering

Grade Levels
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Resource Type
Activities, Math Centers, Science Centers

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Products Included In This Bundle

STEM Bins®

Outdoor Discovery STEM Bins® - Spring and Summer STEM Activities

PAPERLESS STEM Bins® - Digital STEM Activities (Google Slides and Seesaw)

STEM Bins® Digital Organizers

STEM Bins® Quick Writes

STEM Bins® Seasonal Task Cards

STEM Bins® Storyboards - Creative Writing and Storytelling with STEM Bins

STEM Bins® Teambuilders - STEM Activities for Back to School and End of the Year


Save BIG with this DISCOUNTED Bundle that contains ALL NINE of my STEM Bins® Products!

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STEM Bins® and STEAM Bins are ideal Elementary STEM Activities and hands-on solution for early finishers, morning work, centers, fine motor practice, indoor recess, teambuilding, calm down centers, Makerspaces, or positive reinforcement of behavior. They are also a creative and developmentally appropriate form of engineering for elementary students.

Listed materials for each STEM Bin are found in most elementary classrooms or can be borrowed from other teachers, and you may choose which materials that you feel are best for your learning environment. Additional STEM engineering tools and photos can be added to the EDITABLE STEM Bin Covers in the separate file. Inexpensive building materials for STEM Bins can be found at Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target party section, or Target Dollar Spot.

The management of your STEM Bins is completely up to you, as they can be used during multiple times of your day. “Challenge Yourself” cards are provided to take structures to the next level, allowing students to improve and enhance their structures. Upper grade supplements are also provided to allow for more challenging options

The provided blueprint recording sheets, flipbooks, and writing templates are optional and can be either copied for each student or placed in page protectors for students to draw creations with a dry erase marker. Writing Prompt cards are also provided to allow for literacy extensions.

20 reviews for STEM Bins® MEGA BUNDLE (Elementary STEM Activities)

  1. Jenzy1st

    Brooke, you have really inspired me to get my first graders excited about STEM activities. I have always wanted to incorporate STEM into my classroom, but I didn’t know where to begin! I love that this author has how-to videos and organizational tips! My next stop was hand2mind so that I could purchase her ready-made STEM bins. I am so excited to get started with these activities! I am going to be using them for a special summer school program, and I think that the kids are going to eat it up! Thanks a million! I feel like I am finally truly entering the 21st century! -Jenzy1st

  2. Andrew L.

    This has been a great resource to start the year as well as to create some engaging and challenging morning work/early finisher stations. I switch out the task card options and the available materials every few weeks so it is always something fresh. These are awesome! -Andrew L.

  3. Sharley K.

    I have previously had parts of this pack but it was great to have all the STEM resources in one place. i love the variety and the ease of using the resource with a variety of grade levels. Students have found all the reouces incredibly engaging and I have added the STEM clam down bins to our calm corner. -Sharley K.

  4. Ms B.

    I’ve been wanting to make STEM bins and you have provided the perfect start!!! Thank you for supporting teachers to get going on STEM! -Ms B.

  5. Rebekah T.

    My students were really excited to use these resources! Especially after a lot of virtual learning, it was very motivating to them to have some hands-on experiences that were fun as well as educational! -Rebekah T.

  6. ELAR with Mrs G

    My students love these! They are so excited to get some extra time to work on these throughout the week. I have a couple of them out now for early finishers, but based on the excitement already, I am planning an entire month devoted to these STEM projects. My students are so excited about it! -ELAR with Mrs G

  7. Sherri C.

    My children loved this resource. I have K and 3rd grade homeschoolers and they were very excited during the production process of our bins. The lower grade Team Builders has been an excellent way for them to both learn together how the STEM bins operate. Thanks so much for a great product that has helped bridge the gap in their grades to help them learn together sometimes. Plan to use the Calm Down Constructions next! -Sherri C.

  8. Kerina A.

    My students and I love this resource! I use it for writing activities, early finishers, morning work, free choice, and recess time. Student love working with the STEAM Bins and the labels and task cards are clear and easy for the students to reference and follow. -Kerina A.

  9. Spedtacular Adventures

    I could not WAIT to start using the STEM bins! My daughter absolutely loves them and I love the problem solving skills shes utilizing with them. We invited the neighbors over, had pizza, and had the best night! I wish I would have bought these sooner! -Spedtacular Adventures

  10. Gayle N.

    I used these STEM BINS with my summer school classes. They were so engaging, and I loved seeing all of the creativity from them! Using these bins has led to many math conversations, and the students even wanted them during their free choice time! Well worth the money! -Gayle N.

  11. Betsy Hensley

    I have so much fun with these activities. Oops!, I meant students. Its everything I dreamt of in isolation. I had seen these activities but passed them by because I was so focused on Math or ELA, again in isolation. Storyboards instructions are so easy to implement. The digital organizers make such a nice display. I haven’t even used all of them. This year I will add the social emotional activities. Thank you for putting it all together for us. I confess, I really did mean I had fun with these activities. -Betsy Hensley

  12. Debra M.

    This was a lifesaver this year. My students were so eager to come in and “play” that my morning got started with quiet, peace, and calmness. My students often chose one of the stem bins to use during indoor recess. I also loved that students were playing and learning at the same time. This has been one of my favorite purchases this year. -Debra M.

  13. Gillian M.

    I am beyond amazed by this resource! It will take a whole lot to prep but once prepped endless amount of activities and teambuilding activites! Thank you so much for creating this! -Gillian M.

  14. Terri F.

    I have downloaded all of the resources and have started to compile my Stem Bins. I’m so excited to start using these with my students this year. I know from working with past classes of 4th graders in building electrical circuits and chain reaction machines how much they enjoy creating. Your videos were especially helpful in knowing how and where to start as well as organization of supplies. Thank you! -Terri F.

  15. Teach momma

    I am so excited to set up a Maker Space/ Stem time in my classroom. This product has been extremely helpful as I switch from first to fourth grade. I know my students will be so engaged and Brooke has done all of the work. I love that I can use what she has created and that there are also some editable portions that allow me to extend her thinking and use it in my own way. Everything that Brooke makes is well thought out, very creative and very functional. Thank you, Brooke for inspiring me so that I can in turn inspire my students! I can’t wait for them to get started on this!!! -Teach momma

  16. Samantha B.

    My students absolutely love this STEAM tool! It helps me with planning and gives students a variety of tasks. I really enjoy that there are activities that I can use with students from K-5. Therefore, if I am changed to a different grade this resource can still be used. Plus I really like that there are also outdoor STEM included not just activities for in the classroom. The visuals are very helpful for my ESL and Spec. Ed students. -Samantha B.

  17. Laura H.

    Holy cow, this is fantastic… My students could NOT wait for me to get our STEM Bins together and added to our reading rotations, and this did not disappoint!! -Laura H.

  18. KELLY B.

    Our students were so excited to see the bins and the activities. I have used these with all grade levels with high success. Very engaged, excited and working on solving real life problems. This bundle really gave my STEAM zone a face lift and some easy and effective lesson ideas. -KELLY B.

  19. Holly M.

    This is my first year teaching STEAM and all of the resources I have purchased from BB have been extremely helpful and beyond useful. I am beyond grateful for her resources and the fact that she replies to questions, emails, and she knowledge about STEAM. She’s the best! -Holly M.

  20. Summer P.

    My students absolutely love this resource. They are constantly asking to go use the STEM Bins. They stay very engaged, and the I love how they have to do writing/drawing to tell about their inventions or challenges. -Summer P.

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