{The Great Eggscape} Storybook STEM – Easter STEM Challenges

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K – 2nd
English Language Arts, Science, Engineering
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Activities, Fun Stuff, Cooperative Learning
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68 pages

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Created by Brooke Brown and Katie King, Storybook STEM provides elementary teachers with weekly all-in-one units to cover essential skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, math, science, and engineering.

This special spring and Easter edition of Storybook STEM accompanies the following book and is appropriate for K-2nd Grade:

The Great Eggscape by Jory John and Pete Oswald

Includes the following:

*Comprehension Bookmark

*Adjectives Activities

*Describing Characters Activities

*Characters and Major Events Activities

*Oviparous Animals Activities

*Vocabulary Activities

*”Hide and Seek” STEM Challenge (Animal Survival/Adaptations)

*”Great Eggscape” STEM Challenge (Magnetism)

*”The Incredible Egg” STEM Challenge (Animal Survival/Protection of


*Includes Lesson Plans, vocabulary, teacher anchor charts, photo examples,
QR Code research, and student recording sheets

©Teach Outside the Box, LLC by Brooke Brown

©Katie King at Queen of the First Grade Jungle

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10 reviews for {The Great Eggscape} Storybook STEM – Easter STEM Challenges

  1. Valentina J.

    This was so much fun with my 2nd graders! It kept them engaged the entire time, and they didn’t want the class session to end. It was a hit at my school! -Valentina J.

  2. MegaSuper ESL

    How fun is this!! My students loved the book and the activities involved in this resource. I loved that they had to use deeper thinking skills and learned new vocabulary. -MegaSuper ESL

  3. Kimberly Sellers

    This resource was a great day before vacation activity. My students were engaged and excited to share what they had discovered with their families. -Kimberly Sellers

  4. Amanda F.

    Storybook STEM challenges are always so engaging! My students love them! Again, this resource did not disappoint. Thank you! -Amanda F.

  5. Kathy B.

    I used this with my Kindergarten students after we read The Great Eggscape together. Such a cute story and activity to go along with the book! As always, the Storybook STEM pairings are well thought out and engaging. My students loved the activity! -Kathy B.

  6. Annette S.

    This was a great resource! my students especially loved the experiment of testing the strength of eggs when stacking books on top of them. It was a great way to introduce students to estimation as well. -Annette S.

  7. Kelly L.

    My students loved this activity. I loved that it was simple and inexpensive to prepare. I used it as a “holiday”-ish activity with science standards!!!! TY so much for the fun! -Kelly L.

  8. Emma Lambert

    My students LOVED this!!!! AWESOME resource JUST what I needed! Perfect for both in person and virtual students! This was great work for my students and they thrived on this resource! -Emma Lambert

  9. Jessica N.

    My class completed the egg camouflage activity this year and they had so much fun and excellent discussions. I can’t wait to do this again next year and complete more of the activities. -Jessica N.

  10. Rachel S.

    My students loved this resource as a last day before spring break activity!! The worksheets and lessons that came with the STEM activity were a great bonus and we were able to use them throughout the week and close out learning with the STEM activity. -Rachel S.

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