Reading Construction Toolkits: Unbox the Magic!

Learning by doing.

Kinesthetic learning.

Hands-on learning.

If I had to zero in on my most significant teaching philosophy, this would absolutely be it. We all know that these are the ways elementary students learn best, right?  For decades, early childhood experts have maintained that children learn most effectively through hands-on learning experiences.  It’s the same reason we pull out those math manipulatives and STEM Bins® on a regular basis.  And it’s the same reason that our kids’ interest levels, engagement, and motivation are through the roof during those hands-on experiences.

Are you ready to bring the magic of hands-on learning to your small group reading?!

I am SO excited to share my newest collaboration with hand2mind and a product line that is very near and dear to my heart: Reading Construction Toolkits!

In 2017-2018, I developed Comprehension Construction and Word Work Construction printable downloads to help teachers bring more engagement to guided reading groups and literacy centers. Here are some of the reasons why I feel that hands-on literacy is a game changer for our kids:

This year, I’ve joined forces with hand2mind to combine Comprehension and Word Work Construction and bring you ready-stocked Reading Construction Toolkits for K-5th Grade! These kits come ready to open and teach with a variety of manipulatives (up to 4 students per kit), activity cards, and teacher guide. 36 lessons are included for BOTH word work and comprehension in three differentiated grade level bands!

Here’s a closer peek at the manipulatives inside the K-1st Grade Kit:

So how exactly does Reading Construction work?! Quite simply, students read, build and discuss, and write as they apply word work and comprehension skills.  Students are provided a visual, yet concrete way to “build” each piece of the text as they comprehend and explain it. They can further demonstrate their understanding by writing or drawing on the provided graphic organizers for each skill. Through these routines, we’re able to achieve that magical trifecta of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning that leads to deeper understanding and stronger retention.

Here are some examples:

Comprehension Construction Toolkits are compatible with any existing basal reading series or curriculum, are ideal for a variety of teaching roles, and can be utilized in multiple ways during your literacy block.

We’ve created three standards-aligned grade level bands to suit your students’ developmental needs.

I’m over-the-moon about this newest collaboration, and can’t wait to hear what you think. Let’s shake up our small group reading by bringing more hands-on experiences to our students!