Calm Down Construction with STEM Bins®

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Calm Down Construction is designed to accompany my STEM Bins® , found at the following link:



Calm Down Construction with STEM Bins is a simple, hands-on center that allows students to deescalate or calm down when they feel angry, fearful, sad, frustrated, or in need of a mental break. For so many of our spatial and kinesthetic learners, building and manipulating objects is a calming and satisfying exercise. It allows them to breathe, decompress, and refocus so that they are ready to begin or rejoin daily activities. Calm Down Construction can be used at any point during the day that the teacher feels is necessary for specific students. It is also ideal for many special needs students.

I recommend that the display posters, 1-3 STEM Bins, task cards, timer, and reflection sheets be placed in a cozy center of the classroom where students can visit when needed.

Students follow this procedure:

1) Written Reflection (I feel…) and calming video

2) Build using their choice of STEM Bin and task card

3) Complete Written Reflection

4) Rejoin class activities

You may choose to put an iPad or mobile device with headphones in the center with the provided calming video QR codes. The first three videos are breathing exercises and the last video is an aquarium. You may have students use these either first or last in the center.

Includes the following components:

Page 3: How to Use

Page 4: Display Poster

Page 5: Feelings Poster

Pages 6-9: Calming Task Cards

Pages 10-12: Reflection Sheets

Page 13: Calming Video QR Codes

Page 14: Calming Apps

Page 15: Credits

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