End of the Year/Summer STEM Challenges (May)

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Grade Levels
K – 5th
Math, Science, Engineering
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Activities, Fun Stuff, GATE
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48 pages



This End of the Year/Summer themed STEM/STEAM package is perfect to engage your elementary engineers in May! Three STEM challenges and one Bonus Brainbuilder are provided and can be completed as stations or in isolation.

Includes the following LOW PREP STEM Challenges:

  • Roller Coaster
  • Straw Rocket
  • Waterproof Critter House
  • Bonus Brainbuilder: Pool Noodle Party

Includes the following components for EACH CHALLENGE:

  • Detailed Lesson Plan with Standards, Supply Checklists, and Suggested Read Alouds
  • Digital Google Slides Notebook for Paperless Recording
  • Key Visual Vocabulary Chart
  • Photos of Possible Products
  • Digital Anchor Chart
  • Student Instructions
  • QR Code Research Videos and Website
  • Differentiated Student Recording Sheets (K-1st and 2nd-5th)
  • Reflection Discussion Chart
  • Grading Rubric
  • Supply Request Letter for Parents



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15 reviews for End of the Year/Summer STEM Challenges (May)

  1. Mikaela S.

    I only used the roller coaster activity as it fit well with our science standards. The information provided served as a great resource and my students were so engaged creating and building their roller coasters. -Mikaela S.

  2. Amanda K.

    My students had so much fun doing the roller coaster project! They followed the engineering design process, researched roller coasters, and presented their creations as a culminating activity. They learned so much!!!!! -Amanda K.

  3. Julie S.

    These monthly STEM challenges are my favorite! I can’t recommend them enough. They truly are low prep (so important to me!), they are easy enough for the students to implement on their own, but also challenging enough to make them think. I really enjoy the video links and QR codes for further exploration. This resource is engaged and well researched, and I highly recommend! -Julie S.

  4. Jackie H.

    These were really fun and my students were totally engaged. Made the last few days of school go by quickly. Activities were easy to get together. -Jackie H.

  5. Jenelle C.

    This was a great end-of-year resource for my 5th grade virtual and in-person gifted students! I was able to modify for my students at home, as well as provide the “ingredients” for my in school students. -Jenelle C.

  6. Chelsea Kollack

    These STEM lessons were a highlight in my students’ digital learning experience. This resource made it super easy for my students to learn about new concepts and then create a product at home. Thank you so much!! -Chelsea Kollack

  7. Bianca Baez

    I love all of you STEM activities! They can easily be adapted for any grade level and the kids have so much fun completing them! -Bianca Baez

  8. Julia L.

    I used this resources with my resource special education students and was able to adapt these lessons from K-4. The students were engaged and retained all vocabulary because they were having fun. -Julia L.

  9. Karissa G.

    These were perfect for the end of the year! My kids loved making the rollercoasters the best! I loved each of the STEM units and it made May so much fun! -Karissa G.

  10. Summer M.

    We used this resource for summer school stem with kindergarten. The students loved everything about the activities…definitely will use this again! Thank you! -Summer M.

  11. Christine G.

    I used this for a summer program for elementary school students. It was excellent. These were great activities that promoted collaboration, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. -Christine G.

  12. Jillian C.

    We only had time to do one of these STEM activities…the roller coaster! Talk about a blast! It was so enjoyable for the kids and for me to see them working together to engineer and test out their rollercoasters! -Jillian C.

  13. A Crafty Teacher

    My students loved these challenges. It was a perfect end-of-year challenge for them. Even as 4th graders, they found these tasks challenging and fun! -A Crafty Teacher

  14. Kristina Zucchino

    This was so much fun for the end of the year!! We had a blast after testing completing these activities! Highly recommend! -Kristina Zucchino

  15. Jasmine Kim

    Everything is very well organized, this STEM series is absolutely wonderful! Those class plans and explanation- including the videos help even better. It didn’t take much time to prepare, I could just print out and go! -Jasmine Kim

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