Elementary STEM Activities for the Entire Year BUNDLE

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Math, Science, Engineering

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Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

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Products Included In This Bundle

Back to School STEM Challenges (September)

Halloween STEM Challenges (October)

Thanksgiving STEM Challenges (November)

Christmas and Winter STEM Challenges (December)

Winter STEM Challenges (January)

Valentine's Day STEM / Valentine STEM Challenges (February)

St. Patrick's Day STEM Challenges (March)

Easter/Spring STEM Challenges (April)

End of the Year/Summer STEM Challenges (May)

STEM Discussion Anchor Charts

STEM Grading Rubric


This best-selling bundle contains 9 months of engaging STEM Activities for your little engineers, with 3 STEM Challenges and 1 Bonus Brainbuilder per month for a total of 36 Challenges!

Click below to view alignment to Next Generation Science Standards:


Click below to view Supply Checklists for each month:


Includes the following components for EACH CHALLENGE:

  • Detailed Lesson Plan with Standards, Supply Checklists, and Suggested Read Alouds
  • Digital Google Slides Notebook for Paperless Recording
  • Key Visual Vocabulary Chart
  • Photos of Possible Products
  • Digital Anchor Chart
  • Student Instructions
  • QR Code Research Videos and Website
  • Differentiated Student Recording Sheets (K-1st and 2nd-5th)
  • Reflection Discussion Chart
  • Grading Rubric
  • Supply Request Letter for Parents

This product contains the following monthly STEM Activity sets:

  • SEPTEMBER Back to School Activities
  • OCTOBER Halloween Activities
  • NOVEMBER Thanksgiving Activities
  • DECEMBER Christmas Activities
  • JANUARY Winter Activities
  • FEBRUARY Valentine’s Day Activities
  • MARCH St. Patrick’s Day Activities
  • APRIL Spring and Easter Activities
  • MAY End of the Year and Summer Activities

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20 reviews for Elementary STEM Activities for the Entire Year BUNDLE

  1. Diana Greenstein

    My kids loved the November STEM and December STEM Projects! As a result, I knew this was a must have product! I absolutely love your products! The time, creativity, and detail you put into them is wonderful! Anyone who is thinking about trying STEM in their classroom, should definitely consider buying your STEM products!!! Thank You for this wonderful resource!!! 🙂 -Diana Greenstein

  2. Leslie Varghese

    I wrote a STEM grant back in January and included this bundle and was just awarded it. I’m a little bummed out that I haven’t had these all year long because all I want to do is have my class so all of them RIGHT NOW! Your creativity and hard work on these is outstanding. These challenges make STEM not seem like a huge undertaking when trying to incorporate it into a self contained classroom. I’m so excited to finish the school year out with a few of the challenges and then dive in head first into all of them next school year. Thanks so much!!! -Leslie Varghese

  3. Teaching and Caffeine

    I absolutely LOVE this bundle and I can’t thank you enough. My kids cheer when they seem STEM activities on our schedule and have had so much fun completing these challenges. I have seen such a huge differencce in their communication with each other both during these activities and in other areas of our day and I think a lot of that is because they have the opportunity to collaborate and re-evaulate their own ideas. We repeat the challenges during the month and they are just as excited on the fifth round of the same challenge as they are the first time they do it. -Teaching and Caffeine

  4. Sandra J.

    This was my first year teaching STEM and I wasn’t sure where to begin. I bought the full year bundle and am very pleased with this resource. I use it from grades 1-4. The students enjoy the shirt videos, the challenges, the planning and then the actual building. The plans are sequential and easy to follow for teachers and students alike. The children learn the vocabulary quickly and are very proud of what they can build. A great resource. -Sandra J.

  5. Heather Hocks

    After trialing a one month STEM challenge I fell in love and had to purchase for the entire year! Such a fun an engaging resource! We would complete one STEM activity every Friday as our school did not have a specific science curriculum. My students were SO engaged and learned to be such great problem solvers! -Heather Hocks

  6. Rm 222 Resources

    I have been using this in the learning commons with my students! They love these challenges. The steps and cards are ready to go. I can print out the shopping list and keep track of what I need. Amazing resource. -Rm 222 Resources

  7. Sarah Dalisky

    My students love these STEM challenges. And as a teacher I love them too. Everything is easy to pull together and very engaging for students. -Sarah Dalisky

  8. Katherine H.

    My students absolutely these monthly challenges! I use them for Fun Friday activities. This resource even includes letters to ask for donation!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! -Katherine H.

  9. Meghan V.

    My students LOVE our monthly STEM challenges. I love how it relates to the month/season. I’ve been amazed year after year at my student’s thought process and reasoning during these activities. So many critical skills rolled into one resource! Thank you! -Meghan V.

  10. Ana M.

    I love this resource. My students become so excited when I introduce a new challenge and they are all highly engaged. Amazing! -Ana M.

  11. Samantha M.

    As a new STEM teacher, this product was so helpful in setting up my class this year. I love that there are activities for holidays and they are different degrees of difficulty, so it’s easy to accommodate my different grade levels. Thank you! -Samantha M.

  12. Brandy M.

    My students were extremely engaged with these hands-on activities. It is great when students can learn and demonstrate their knowledge in a fun and engaging manner. -Brandy M.


    My students love using these activities. They get very engaged from the start. I enjoy these because I just don’t have the time to create blueprints and the instructions for these modules. This is a great resource! -KIMBERLY E.

  14. Amy B.

    LOVE these challenges! Kids collaborate, cooperate, create, think, and problem solve while having FUN! So perfect for our “STEM-tastic Fridays” and for seasonal/holiday activities. Very satisfied! -Amy B.

  15. Katherine O.

    These were a fun way to get kids thinking critically and working together in groups. I have used these with distance learning and with in person learning. Great resource! -Katherine O.

  16. Lauren Freedman

    I used this in school and for an after school program with a variety of ages. The STEM projects are really simple to follow along with and easy for the students to complete. -Lauren Freedman

  17. Emily C.

    This has been on my wish list for a long time! I am so impressed with all of the activities. THANK YOU for saving me so much time. -Emily C.

  18. Zoe Petitt

    Love love love this resource! I have used this in and out of the classroom and each activity is always such a hit!! Thank you!! -Zoe Petitt

  19. Angie K.

    I loved all the different activities I could choose from. My students were able to make predictions on what may or may not work as well as change their thinking to make the activity successful. I loved how my students were able to work cooperatively on these activities. -Angie K.

  20. Sara B.

    I purchased this set so that we could do STEM activities in the classroom, and it has been wonderful! The activities are easy to do, the students love them, and the prep is easy. I love all of Brook Brown’s resources. They are full of color, well developed and always fun! -Sara B.

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