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Math, Writing, Engineering
Grade Levels
PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
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Activities, Fun Stuff, Literacy Center Ideas


The original STEAM Bins


Want to see my STEAM Bins up close and personal?! Watch the following videos!


Check out my all new STEAM Bins supplements at the links below!

Seasonal Task Cards Bundle for STEAM Bins

STEAM Bins Team Builders

Quick Writes for STEAM Bins

Calm Down Construction with STEAM Bins

iPad Organizers for STEAM Bins

Outdoor Discovery STEAM Bins

Click below to see my answers to Frequently Asked Questions about STEAM Bins® :


STEAM Bins are an ideal hands-on solution for early finishers, morning work, centers, fine motor practice, indoor recess, teambuilding, calm down centers, Makerspaces, or positive reinforcement of behavior. They are also a creative and developmentally appropriate form of engineering for elementary students.

Listed materials for each STEAM Bin are found in most elementary classrooms or can be borrowed from other teachers, and you may choose which materials that you feel are best for your learning environment. Additional STEAM engineering tools and photos can be added to the EDITABLE STEAM Bin Covers in the separate file. Inexpensive building materials for STEAM Bins can be found at Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target party section, or Target Dollar Spot.

The management of your STEAM Bins is completely up to you, as they can be used during multiple times of your day. “Challenge Yourself” cards are provided to take structures to the next level, allowing students to improve and enhance their structures. Upper grade supplements are also provided to allow for more challenging options

The provided blueprint recording sheets, flipbooks, and writing templates are optional and can be either copied for each student or placed in page protectors for students to draw creations with a dry erase marker. Writing Prompt cards are also provided to allow for literacy extensions.


***Separate File: EDITABLE STEAM Bin Cover to add your own photos and materials and EDITABLE task cards***

***Separate File: STEAM Bin poster header and letters

***Separate File: STEAM Version of all materials

Page 3: How to Use

Page 4: Suggested Supplies Checklist

Page 5: Suggested Weekly Routines

Pages 6-7: What Are My Students Learning?

Page 8: Teacher Questions and Prompts

Pages 9-18: 20 STEAM Bin Covers with Labels & Photos

Pages 19-22: 24 Lower Grade STEAM Bin Task Cards

Pages 23-24: 12 3D Shapes Task Cards

Page 25: “Challenge Yourself” extensions

Page 26: Blueprint Recording Sheet

Pages 27-29: Foldable Recording Booklets (My Creations, My Design Process, My Invention)

Page 30: Writing Prompt Cards

Pages 31-34: Writing Extensions (four line types)

Pages 35-39: Upper Grade Task Cards and Written Responses

Page 40: Credits

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