Upper Grades Bot Basics BUNDLE – Elementary Robotics for Beginners

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Grade Levels
3rd – 5th
Science, Computer Science – Technology, Robotics
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Activities, Fun Stuff
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Upper Grades Bot Basics

Upper Grades Bot Bowling

Upper Grades Bot Basics {LANGUAGE ARTS Edition}

Upper Grades Bot Basics {MATH Edition}


The Bot Basics Upper Grades (Robotics for Beginners) BUNDLE includes ALL FOUR of my Robotics packs for 3rd-5th Graders!

1) Bot Basics (20 Activities, 10 Seasonal Maze Activities, 3 Editable Activities for any subject area)

2) Bot Bowling (7 Activities)

3) Bot Basics: Language Arts Edition (14 Activities)

4) Bot Basics: Math Edition (10 Activities)


Compatible with the following robots:

-Sphero Spark

-Sphero Bolt

-Sphero Ollie

-Sphero Mini

-Ozobot Bit (OzoBlockly)

-Ozobot Evo (OzoBlockly or Evo app)


Bot Basics Includes the Following:


Pages 3-4: What You Need

Page 5: How to Use

Pages 6-9: Write the Code templates

Page 10: Tag – requires 1 glue stick

Page 11: Cup Crash – requires 6 mini cups

Page 12: Tunnel Time – requires plastic building bricks

Page 13: Around the Tree – requires plastic building bricks

Page 14: Over the Bridge – requires books

Page 15: Goal Getter – requires empty box and ping pong ball

Page 16: Chain Reaction – requires dominoes, blocks, toy cars wooden blocks/planks, and/or mini cups

Page 17: Tow Truck – requires plastic cup, yarn, tape, and small school supplies

Pages 18-21: Awesome Angles

Pages 22-25: Pinball Machine

Page 26: Simple Shapes

Page 27: Barnyard Dance

Pages 28-30: Rainbow Bright

Page 31: Star Light

Page 32: Learning Loops

Page 33: Letter Detective

Pages 34-38: Emoji Match

Pages 39-45: Robot Town

Pages 46-78: Maze Maker with Lights and Sounds

*Pages 49-51: SEPTEMBER

*Pages 52-54: OCTOBER

*Pages 55-57: NOVEMBER

*Pages 58-60: DECEMBER

*Pages 61-63: JANUARY

*Pages 64-66: FEBRUARY

*Pages 67-69: MARCH

*Pages 70-72: APRIL

*Pages 73-75: MAY

*Pages 76-78: SUMMER

Page 79: Credits


Bot Bowling Includes the following 7 Activities:

Page 3: What You Need

Page 4: How to Use

Pages 5-10: Pin Guides

Pages 11-15: BLOCK BOWLING

(Place Value)

Pages 16-19: DECIMAL DEMOLITION (Decimals)

Pages 20-23: FRACTION FUN

(Fractional Parts of a Group, Adding Fractions with Like Denominators)

Pages 24-28: COIN CRASH (Counting Money and Making Change)

Pages 29-34: FACTOR TAG (Basic Multiplication Facts/Factors)


(Number Sense/Equations)

Pages 39-43: DATA DESTRUCTION (Analyzing Data)

Page 44: Credits


Language Arts includes the following 14 Activities:

Pages 3: What You Need

Pages 4-5: How to Use

Pages 6-8: Plot Path (Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution)

Pages 9-11: Story Square (Story Elements)

Pages 12-14: Summary Square (Summarizing)

Pages 15-18: Retelling Tunnels (Retelling/Sequencing Stories)

Pages 19-21: Main Idea Maze (Main Idea & Details)

Pages 22-24: Fact Finder (Nonfiction Text)

Pages 25-28: Author’s Purpose Pie

Pages 29-31: Character Crossroads

Pages 32-35: Text Feature Tag

Pages 36-38: Build a Sentence (Parts of Speech)

Pages 39-43: Same Game (Synonyms)

Pages 44-50: Contraction Action

Pages 51-55: Find the Figurative Language

Pages 56-59: Prefixes and Suffixes Match Up

Page 60: Credits


Math Edition Include the following activities:

Pages 3-4: What You Need

Page 5: How to Use

Pages 6-9: Round Up (Multiplication/Equal Groups) – requires 25 snap cubes

Pages 10-38: Multiplication Match

Pages 39-48: Division Dash

Pages 49-53: Number Crossroads (Reading and Writing Numbers, Expanded Form, Rounding)

Pages 54-59: Decimal Dash – requires set of base ten blocks

Pages 60-63: Factor Tag – requires dominoes 2-12

Pages 64-68: Shape Maker (Polygons, Lines, and Angles)

Pages 69-73: Super Solids (3D Shapes)

Pages 74-79: Coin Crash (Making Change) – requires 20 mini cups

Pages 80-83: Fraction Finder (Equivalent Fractions)

Page 78: Credits

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