Upper Grades Bot Basics {LANGUAGE ARTS Edition}

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Grade Levels
3rd – 5th
English Language Arts, Computer Science – Technology, Robotics
Resource Type
Activities, Fun Stuff
Formats Included
60 pages

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Bot Basics Language Arts challenges will work with almost any moving, programmable robot and the tasks will vary slightly depending on the size and abilities of your robots. They are perfect for beginners and more advanced coders in 3rd-5th grade and are easy to tie into ELA instruction and literacy centers!

Compatible with the following robots:

-Sphero Spark (Sphero EDU app)

-Sphero Bolt (Sphero EDU app)

-Sphero Ollie (Sphero EDU app)

-Sphero Mini (Sphero EDU app)

-Ozobot Bit (OzoBlockly)

-Ozobot Evo (OzoBlockly or Evo app)

-Dash (Blockly app)

Includes the following 14 ELA challenges for 3rd-5th Grade:

Pages 3: What You Need

Pages 4-5: How to Use

Pages 6-8: Plot Path (Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution)

Pages 9-11: Story Square (Story Elements)

Pages 12-14: Summary Square (Summarizing)

Pages 15-18: Retelling Tunnels (Retelling/Sequencing Stories)

Pages 19-21: Main Idea Maze (Main Idea & Details)

Pages 22-24: Fact Finder (Nonfiction Text)

Pages 25-28: Author’s Purpose Pie

Pages 29-31: Character Crossroads

Pages 32-35: Text Feature Tag

Pages 36-38: Build a Sentence (Parts of Speech)

Pages 39-43: Same Game (Synonyms)

Pages 44-50: Contraction Action

Pages 51-55: Find the Figurative Language

Pages 56-59: Prefixes and Suffixes Match Up

Page 60: Credits


*Vocabulary Match



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